Monday, April 20, 2009

Paris Hilton - Paris

Paris Hilton: The star claims new man Doug Reinhardt is perfect. Paris Hilton can’t bear to be apart from him so he accompanies her wherever she goes.

It takes a lot to keep up with Paris Hilton and he's just about managing.

The hotel heiress, Paris Hilton has bought herself a present - a new $200,000 custom built Bentley. A fan of Barbie, Paris decided to pimp out her Bentley in her favorite color - PINK !! She even decorated the interior of the car to match the exterior.

Paris Hilton went baby gift shopping for Nicole. Paris Hilton was an equal-opportunity shopper, choosing gifts in both pink and blue. Among the items she bought was a Tuni & G Baby set (pants and T-shirt) with the text "Don't Ya Wish Your Mommy Was Hot Like Mine" with the pants bottom saying "Don't Ya." She also bought Baby’s First Fashion Words book, a Baby Jar Baby Snuggler Blanket and Trumpette socks. ‘She can't wait to hang out with the baby,’ says the source about Hilton. ‘She's happy Nicole is healthy and thinks she looks great.’

Paris certainly knows how to put on an eye-popping show, Paris Hilton gave partygoers more than they bargained for after slipping out of her dress during a night club outting.

It was all a little cringey as she belted out her single as she danced on stage, but the highlight was seeing Paris' boobs. It made the entrance fee good value for money in the end!

Paris Hilton is back on national televison and contestants in season two of ” My New BFF” are living in a mansion that costs half as much as the home the show rented last season.

With the recession eating into advertising revenue at TV networks a popular solution has emerged which is cheaper reality TV. The economy is a mess so all of Paris Hilton crew is working more efficiently. Paris Hilton knows that even a less fancy version of her show can be a big hit for her personal business.